‘Online classes have made life boring’


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Movies, pop culture, fashion brands and even personal narratives, glorify college days as some of the best times in one’s life. It is why school students eagerly wait to start carving a personal style statement with clothes, hairstyle, footwear, etc., even before gaining college admission.

But the pandemic has stolen these small joys, and students supposed to enter college last year, ended up attending online classes from home. This year too, the scenario seems more or less similar to what it was last year. The Morning Standard spoke to Delhi students on what they planned, how things turned out and what are they expecting in future:

Vibhuti Kohli, 19, BBA-II, Delhi School of Professional Studies and Research, Sector 25, Rohini
Most school students are excited about college because we finally can get rid of our uniforms. I had bought tonnes of clothes, cut my hair shorter, and joined a gym. I was thrilled about the fresher’s party because I could never attend these parties in school as I have very few friends who never go to such events. Making friends online is slightly awkward. Till the offline classes begin, I will wear these clothes whenever I get a chance to go out with friends.

Kanika Mittal, 20, BBA, Amity University, Noida 
I was really excited to start a new chapter of my life – university life! I wondered whether I would be able to make any friends, but I was also excited about wearing different dresses. In fact, I had even bought a pretty dress for the first day of my college from Nykaa, and cosmetics from Impressions and The Natural Wash. I had decided not to repeat any outfit for at least three months. I will go to the second year now, but thanks to the pandemic, I did not get to see my college even once. It feels so bad that my parents are paying a big amount of fees, but I am unable to get those facilities for which we are paying. Life has become so boring because of online classes. The only personal growth I have seen in myself is reducing weight. I was 64 and now I am 55.

Esha Khandelwal, 18, Event management and PR, NAEMD, Noida
My biggest regret or misfortune is not being able to attend last year of school, which is the time to make a strong bond with friends for life. Since I will join college this year, I have bought new clothes from Lajpat Nagar and Janpath, new cosmetics, and joined a gym 15 days ago. I am ensuring a good diet plan, and I am hoping not to attend online lectures. There will be new challenges, such as making new friends and travelling alone by metros or buses. If things don’t change by September, we will have to attend classes online. Meanwhile, I am trying to earn money, so I am not completely dependent on my parents.

Khushi Mitra, 19, BAJMC-II, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, Pitampura 
After working hard for entrance exams, I finally got into VIPS and thought of living my college life to the fullest. I had wishlisted dresses for my freshers party. I always had an image of college in mind of how girls dress up in college. I was deciding between a global hair colour or funky streaks when the lockdown happened. I had heard my siblings talking about college trips. But online classes have dragged me into the category of introverts, as it is difficult to make friends online. There was a ray of hope in February till the second wave happened. But yes, this pandemic has helped us appreciate sweatpants!

Vrinda Nagrath, 18, BCom-I (Hons), Mata Sundri College for Women, Mandi House
Ours is the most unlucky batch as we did not get to attend college even once. It has been easier to attend online classes in my comfort zone, rather than travelling all the way to college. But the adventures and thrills that college brings with it is a territory I am yet to explore. Like feels like a missing puzzle piece. College life is a requisite for polishing a person. I have a bucket list of places and things to explore once college reopen. Whether it’s enhancing my styling game or working on my social skills, I am waiting eagerly to jump at every chance life presents to me. But my expectations have gone low as the third wave is approaching, and lockdown could be imposed if the cases soar again. If the colleges do not reopen, I will utilise my time to expand my knowledge and brush up my skills

Anushka Agarwal, 18, Lifestyle and Accessories Designing, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru
After I got done with my entrances in March, I binge shopped with my parents for dresses. The Covid cases were not high then. Plus, I had not gone shopping for two years! Our classes will begin in August, but if physical lectures don’t resume soon, my clothes will keep lying in my closet because dressing up for online classes is not exciting. I will try to wear the clothes whenever I go out, and I style them differently. I will start posting pictures on Instagram too.

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