Of medicines and memes during Covid times


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I stay in Chhatarpur with my mom, dad and brother. As the two of us my brother and I had to go to work, we were following all safety norms. We would wear N95 masks while venturing out, and always carried hand sanitisers but I never used gloves like many people do as I thought I was taking enough measures. So, I was not able to digest the fact when Covid knocked on our doors. My mother was the first to contract the virus. We immediately isolated her, shifted our father to another house of ours in Chhatarpur, and opted for a tiffin service for him.

But as we were cooking and giving food and other things to our mother in her room, we gradually contracted the virus. For me, it began with tiredness, fever and headache on April 19. So, I decided to get my test done on April 21, and the report came positive.

Doctor prescribed Fabiflu, Zincovit, Sumo, and Shalcal, and I had to take each in three doses every day. We had simple meals such as khicdi, dalia, sprouts, boiled eggs, raw cheese, and milk, biscuits. We cooked and ate together, talking about how Corona is affecting all of us and what we wi l l do af ter recovering.

Even though I had lost my sense of taste and smell, I made sure to eat apples, haldi milk, and anything I craved for. I didn’t feel like eating much so ate whatever I felt like. Kadha was also an important part of my routine. I was really frustrated that I couldn’t do anything. After one week of ‘mental trauma’, I decided to resume office as it was work from home and the IPL was going on. As I work in a media agency, the workload was quite a lot but my love for cricket was greater than the illness, so I picked up the laptop and made plenty of campaigns as well as memes.

Being an extrovert, it was quite difficult to cut myself from the world so I kept myself busy with my friends and family over the phone. After 15 days, my report came negative. I felt quite happy that I recovered, but it took me 30 days to fully recover from the disease and get back my sense of taste. I was still coughing.

But our father stayed at the other house for two months and only joined us after he got his first dose of the vaccination. The first thing I did after I recovered was making memes on my personal experience of Covid. Suraj Kumar is Brand Solutions (Ideation Manager) at Idiotic Media

As told to Nikita Sharma

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