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The pandemic kickstarted a lot of food delivery start-ups operating from cloud kitchens in Delhi-NCR, and has also led entrepreneurs cook up out-ofthe- box ideas. Working on the same lines, Pitaara Kitchen presents a fare exploring regional specialities instead of the common Indian dishes.

Researched and curated by Chef Udit Maheshwari, the menu features delicacies from the length and breadth of India. And now that we have habituated to the idea of ordering in, we thought of beating the pandemic blues by treating our selves to their delicacies.

Since a lot of such ventures are working on a sustainability model, the food is delivered in eco-friendly packaging. For the starters, we chose the Fake Wasabi Paneer Tikka. It was quite creamy unlike the spicy wasabi, because the paneer chunks were marinated in mock wasabi made using green pea, cheese and cashews, cooked in the tandoor. But this dish is a delight for cheese lovers.

The Thatte Idli seemed a bit dry and hard, but Recheado Potato was the show stealer. The tangy tiny tikkis come slathered in a paste of tamarind, gur shakkar, and whole spices that just rejuvenate the taste buds. Green chutney came as an accompaniment with starters, which further enhanced the flavour. For our mains, we went with the Broccoli Makhani and Walnut Paneer.

Walnut Paneer

The former had a buttery and fiery flavour, thanks to the broccoli marinated in cashews, cream, chillies and spices before being put into the spicy gravy, the latter is cheese chunks stuffed with cottage cheese, walnuts, spices and cheddar cheese, which gives it a sharp taste. Maheshwari says, “The dish was developed by me.

Rather, most of the dishes on our menu have been created by us to give people a truly unique experience.” Pudina Paratha and Haak Saag Paratha are good accompaniments, but the latter could be too much for you if you are not a fan of the leafy greens. Tamarind Moilee came loaded with veggies like carrots, beans, broccoli and potatoes cooked in coconut milk with a hint of tamarind to balance out the sweetness.

It didn’t look very pleasant but the taste took away all my doubts about it. To end the meal on a sweet note, we tried the Salted Caramel Kheer. Made from Samak Chawal (Barnyard Millet), the kheer had the right amount of sugar, garnished with dry fruits and a hint of salted caramel. Exactly like homemade kheer with a twist.


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