No final exam for class 9 and 11 students in Delhi, mid-term score vital: Sisodia


By Express News Service

NEW DELHI:  The Delhi government has cancelled the final term exams for class 9 and 11 students of government and private schools in view of the second Covid wave. The final results of these classes will be declared on the basis of performance in the midterm exams.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said the students who could not perform well in the midterm exams will be given a chance: they would have to submit assignments and appear in online tests before they are promoted to the next class based on the re-assessment.

The decision to cancel the exams was taken in a review meeting held by the Directorate of Education (DOE) chaired by the Sisodia, who is also the Education Minister.

The class 9th and 11th exams were due in April but were postponed following the surge in Covid cases in the national capital.

“Students up to class VIII were promoted due to the nodetention policy. Similarly, roadblocks in promoting students in IX and XI need to be removed. The annual exams for IX and XI due from April 12 were cancelled keeping in mind the safety and security of students,” said the minister.

The minister directed private schools, private-aided and unaided schools, which have already conducted their midterm and annual exams, to declare the results and promote the students to the next class.

The schools, including government and government-aided schools which could not conduct the exams, have been asked to declare the results based on the midterm performance of students.

The schools which could not conduct midterm exams or students who were unable to take all mid-term papers will be assessed on the average of marks obtained in the best two performing subjects out of five main subjects. This policy will be implemented in all government and private schools, said Sisodia.

The finals results of Class 9th and 11th will be declared on June 22. Considering the health safety of students, the results will be informed to the students online through WhatsApp, SMS and phone calls. The AAP government has conducted new admissions from Class VI to IX online like last year.

The registration will start online from June 11 to and continue till June 30. Admissions will begin from July 5, based on the registration of students.

Students who are unable to register in the given date will be eligible to register in the second admission cycle which starts from July 23 and continue till August 6.


  • Marks obtained in each of the 5 main subjects in mid-term to be considered out of the maximum marks in theory.

  • While awarding average marks in subjects involving practical, average marks will be given only in theory proportionately as per weightage.

  • Students who haven’t sat in mid-term exams in any subject will be eligible for reassessment in July.

  • For students who have completed midterm exams in 2, 3 or 4 subjects, average of marks in two best performing subjects out of 5 main subjects will be awarded in subjects in which exams have not been conducted or the student was absent.

  • Students who have appeared in midterm exams in 1 subject will not be eligible for average marks. They will be eligible for reassessment in July.

  • Results will be declared based on performance in the exam and average marks as per the promotion policy circulated on March 17.


The decision to cancel the exams was taken in a review meeting held by the Directorate of Education
(DOE) chaired by the Sisodia, who is also the Education Minister.


Private schools, privateaided and unaided schools, which have conducted midterm and annual exams, can declare the results.

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