Master Plan of Delhi: Paving way for clean, green and vibrant economy


By Express News Service

NEW DELHI:  The Master Plan of Delhi 2041 aims to facilitate balanced economic growth by supporting both formal and informal economies (inclusive economy), fostering non-polluting and environmentally-friendly economies (clean economy) and promoting economies that will help to establish a unique role for the city in the regional context (niche economy).  

The strategies mentioned in the Plan will facilitate creation of strategic hubs of high investment and high value business and services, optimised utilisation of existing economic centres, migration of non-conforming economic activities to approved sites and improved facilities for the informal sector.

There will be an area-based improvement for revitalising the commercial core of the city Connaught Place and extension, commercial areas in the Walled City and Karol Bagh.

A regeneration plan will be made for Paharganj, Sadar Bazaar, Azad Market, Bara Hind Rao. Any traditional bazaars or other areas of cultural value will be identified and protected.

The plan will promote clean economies with focus on improving existing core economic sectors like retail trade, wholesale and warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, government offices, banking and finance, shifting to clean economy and facilitating existing polluting industries to shift.

There will be a push towards cyber economy, high-tech robotics and electronics, knowledge and innovation, research and development, etc.

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