Lo-fi and Jazz inspired by magic and pasta


Express News Service

New-age music composersproducers and mix-master engineers Jay Rana and Skopos from Delhi have experimented with lo-fi and jazz music that has resulted in a groovy, light and melodious Extended Play (EP) — Magic & Pasta. Released by Paradigm Records, the EP marks the debut of the two artistes in the EP category. Initially five songs had been lined up, but one was later dropped as the duo felt it didn’t fit in with the concept of Magic & Pasta. Now, they plan to release it as a single.

So, why Magic & Pasta? “Jay and I were on a Zoom call, trying to figure out the name of the EP, which was the hardest part. The idea was to spread positivity and provide listeners with a soothing, wholesome experience. Scrolling through ideas on the Internet, a quote by Italian film director Federico Fellini crossed us. It said: ‘Life is a combination of magic and pasta’. It clicked instantly.

Something about magic and pasta seemed satisfactory. Given the current circumstances then (and still today), people can use some good music, some good food (pasta), and some magic. Plus Jay jokes that he made a lot of pasta during the lockdown and I did the magic,” shares Skopos, who has been collaborating with fellow composers and singers to create melodies that connect with one’s soul.

Though Jay and Skopos wanted to release the EP as soon as the two had got together, it took them longer than expected due to lockdown. “We just changed our approach along the way and here we are with this creation,” says Jay, who began actively producing music in 2014 and discovered the depth of EDM.

Last year, he was signed by Paradigm Records, and aims to create music that carries a relaxed vibe, “something people can listen to throughout the day”. On their expectations from this EP, Skopos says, “We kept our expectations realistic keep ing in mind the genre-defying experimentation we have done with this EP. We just wanted to make good music and share our journey with as many people as possible.” Despite Bollywood and Punjabi music conventionally topping the charts, the duo opines that their brand of music has also received mainstream acceptance because “if the music is right, no language can stop it from reaching out to the hearts of the masses,” avers Jay.

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