INTERVIEW | Delhi-based entrepreneur Rakesh Das making hobbies work through Klapus


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Before the pandemic struck, many Indian households were warming up to the idea of careers for their children that didn’t follow the normal doctor-engineer ideal, including in the field of entertainment.

However, following Covid19, people are hesitant to seek careers in the entertainment industry because the costs are high, and there is doubt as to whether the kids will be able to achieve their goals even after paying the fee through their nose.

To relive the passion Klapus’s founder, Delhi-based entrepreneur Rakesh Das, has introduced a subscription-based learning model.

Klapus, which began associating with experts and audiences in June, is a platform where you can share your videos and learn a wide range of skills from experts in fields such as music, dance, fitness and sports.

Rakesh Das

Excerpts from an interview:

Take us through the journey of Klapus, from its inception to execution?

Once we were watching Coke Studio, and while the 20 minutes were just awesome, only the lead artists got all the credits.

We realised that background artists and musicians don’t get that sort of fame.

We thought that if they could really teach then imagine the level of talent we will get in the future.

Also, the real artists get exposure by sharing knowledge. But at the same time, the costs are high, and not everyone can afford it.

Even if you want to learn a simple guitar you have to pay thousands to the instructor.

Also, after the pandemic, parents are not so keen on letting children choose these uncertain fields. We thought if we make the learning system affordable then at least students or even older people can pursue thei r passion.

What is the gamut of skills the platform covers?

We cover everything from music; dance; song (Vocal); yoga and fitness; cooking; makeup; photography; painting; graphics and UI/UX Design; even magic.

How many users (learners as well as experts) are on the platform?

We launched on June 7, and then updated the app. In 14 days we received 1800+ installations and 206 subscribers. We have now associated with two schools to groom students from the initial stage.

We are also requesting schools to add CCA in their syllabus. As of now, there are 27 qualified experts on board.

Which courses are seeing the most traction?

We are getting maximum subscription in music and dance i.e., almost 65 per cent of the total subscribers are for these courses.

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