Global Parents Day: Delhi government’s webinar focuses on de-stressing kids during COVID-19


By Express News Service

NEW DELHI: Marking the Global Parents Day, the Delhi government on Tuesday conducted a webinar for parents to discuss approaches for emotional wellbeing of children and how to adopt innovative parenting methods to de-stress children in the time of COVID-19 crisis.

The webinar had the presence of Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and child mental health experts Amit Sen and Shelja Sen and nearly 10,000 parents and school principals.

Speaking on parenting in India, Sisodia said, “Adopting new parenting approaches is significant for improving the emotional wellbeing of our children, especially in times of COVID-19 crisis. A new normal has emerged and our old ways of parenting will not work. Our children who used to have many social interactions are now at home, they are unable to go to school or meet their friends.”

The experts opined that while everybody has been affected due to COVID-19, children have suffered the most. “Hence, in this time, it is imperative that parents change their ways of thinking and adopt novel practices. Parents need to understand the minds of their children and actively listen to them. Parents should organise mindfulness, meditation, yoga and stress-buster activities at home with children,” said Dr Amit and Shelja sen. 

Sisodia felt the parenting methods in India are still archaic and it needs to be changed according to the current situation. “A nation which can pull parenting in a progressive manner, especially in times of a crisis and beyond, will emerge holistically and successfully,” he said.

Explaining how the pandemic has caused undue stress on children, the deputy CM said, “We can see the children going through some changes emotionally, mentally and physically. In such times, we as parents should create a loving and caring environment them.”

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