GIMS-Greater Noida ramps up paediatric care infrastructure ahead of third COVID wave


Express News Service

NEW DELHI: With some experts already sounding alerts about the possibility of a third wave of the pandemic and likely to affect the children more, hospitals have begun to ramp up their paediatric care infrastructure.

“The adult COVID care and that of children are completely different. There are multiple different modules involved for pediatric care, which is separate from adults, such as recognition of sick children, oxygen therapy, drugs, neonatal serrated protocols and pediatric ventilators. All these factors are to be taken care of for treating a COVID-infected child,” said Dr Rakesh Gupta, director, Greater Noida Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS). 

The hospital has started workshops for nurses and doctors on pediatric care. HCWs from other hospitals are also attending it. “Four sessions of the workshop have already been completed. Now, we are expecting a third wave where more children would be affected. Therefore, we are building our capacity by training more doctors and nurses who are not trained in paediatrics,” he added.

The workshop has been made compulsory for all the staff of the GIMS who are being trained to look after a day-old COVID patient to those who are teenagers.

The hospital has come up with dedicated 50 beds for the combined pediatric intensive care unit and neonatal intensive care unit, and 50 beds for isolation. The wards have also been painted to make the hospital look children-friendly.

“The pediatric care is a special department and all are trained on taking care of children. We are preparing ourselves well in advance in case more children turn up in the next wave. We are also focusing on the mental care of children because it has a key factor in a child’s health,” said Dr Rahul Singh, administrative incharge for COVID-19 isolation control at GIMS.

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