Ghazipur: Clear & present danger


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NEW DELHI: Fear was written large on the faces of the people at the flower wholesale market at Ghazipur Flower Mandi on Friday.

In an already damp atmosphere due to Covid-19 infection and biting winter, wholesale vendors conceded a ticking bomb was the last thing they wanted. It was a close call, they agreed though they heaved a sigh of relief once the danger was dealt with.

“Delhi has already been targeted by terror outfits, and people will be on tenterhooks even more after this episode,” said Mohit Sawant, a flower seller.

The city is no stranger to terror attacks. The devastating scenes of 2005 bombings are still not forgotten and so is the 2001 Parliament attack.

“There was some wiring which caught the attention. Local police were informed immediately and then a team cleared the crowd and cordoned off the area within minutes,” said a local.

Police and bomb disposal squad rushed to the market after a call was received at 10:30 am that there was an unattended black bag at the flower market. Curious onlookers watched from a distance how National Security Guard (NSG) personnel took over the secured area to go on to disable the bomb. DCP, Special Cell, Pramod Singh Kushwaha was also present at the spot and overseeing the operation.

“We were informed by the Delhi Police about a suspicious object. The Bomb Disposal Squad used a controlled vessel which is basically used to do controlled explosion in order to secure the environment,” said a NSG officer.

“There was a shortage of time. A hole was dug after which the Total Containment Vessel (TCV) safely carried and dumped the explosive into a pit for carrying out controlled explosion.”

When a senior police officer later said a recce was possibly done before planting the bomb, market regulars knew well how close they were to a ‘Black’ Friday.

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