Gangaram Hospital gets fresh oxygen supply, Chairman says key to save lives of patients



NEW DELHI: As Delhi continued to battle with a severe scarcity of medical oxygen, the city state’s top private healthcare institution Sir Gangaram Hospital on Friday night said it has managed to get an oxygen tanker in the nick of the time to save lives of a large number of patients admitted to its wards.

Dr D S Rana, Chairman of Sir Gangaram Hospital (SGRH) told PTI that the hospital will make every possible effort to save every single patient who has come to it and it was thankful for the efforts made by the central and the state governments for getting the much-required oxygen tanker to the hospital to meet the requirements needed to save the lives of patients admitted to its wards.

“We have received a fresh supply of oxygen and that will help our patients in a big way,” Rana told PTI.

“We had a severe scarcity of oxygen, but the state and central governments worked hard to ensure the supply and our patients are grateful to them,” he said.

Rana said the hospital had a severe scarcity of oxygen, till the time it received a tanker to supplement its oxygen requirements.

More than 500 COVID-19 patients are admitted in the hospital, while an estimated 140 patients admitted there require high-flow oxygen, according to the hospital officials.

The hospital has been at the forefront in the fight against COVID-19 in the national capital, but a scarcity of oxygen has come up as a big impediment in this battle against the biggest pandemic faced ever by humankind.

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