Follow fiscal rules to avoid delay: Delhi government to financial advisors and accounting officers


By Express News Service

NEW DELHI: The Delhi government has issued directions to financial advisors and accounting officers of all departments to follow rules for approving the proposals having financial implications and to send such files to the finance department (FD) for concurrence only when it is required as per the rules. 

The development came after it was observed that all proposals were being forwarded to the finance department for sanction. Underlining the issue, a circular issued on Monday by the finance department said that the proposals, which are within the delegated powers of secretaries and heads of departments (HoDs), were being referred to it, thus unnecessarily leading to delay in disposal of the matter.  

“This (sending files to the financial department in violation of the rules) defeats the purpose of enhanced financial delegation, and leads to unnecessary delay in disposal of files. All the integrated financial advisors (FAs) and accounting functionaries are therefore directed that the proposals which are within the delegated powers of HoDs and administrative secretaries shall not be referred to FD for concurrence,” it said. The circular also directed FAs and accounting officers to recommend only those proposals to FD that require its concurrence.

As per an order of August 2019, the department concerned may exercise its financial power for proposal incurring expenditures up to  Rs 1 crore. If expenditure is above Rs 1 crore, the HoDs and secretaries are required to obtain relaxation from the FD.  

In view of the coronavirus pandemic, the FD has put restrictions on its spending, however, it has authorised all secretaries and HoDs to incur expenditures within the overall ambit of the 2019 order.

Apart from expenditures related to salaries, allowances, wages, medical reimbursement and other expenses required for day to day functioning of the office, they are allowed clear spending such as pensions and financial assistance being given to vulnerable sections. Laundry and kitchen expenses of all hospitals and also of directorate of information and publicity are also permitted. 

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