Farmers’ protest anniversary: Street vendors have field day as crowd swells


By Express News Service

NEW DELHI: With the influx of farmers at Singhu border to celebrate the anniversary of the anti-farm law protest, the small business of hawkers who sell badges, bags, flags and T-shirts witnessed a dramatic surge. The most attractive items were badges and T-shirts printed with the tags ‘I love Farmers’, ‘Jai Kisan’, ‘Kisan Zindabad’. 

Sharukh and Arshad Khan said they were not earning much till last week as the place had very few protesters. On Friday, however, things took a dramatic turn for good. “Our sales have increased, especially yesterday and today with a large number of farmers coming to the site. Sab poore josh mai hai (Everyone is so energetic). I made Rs 7,000 while usually it is Rs 2,000-2,500,” said Shah Rukh, who lives in Seelampur. 

With hundreds of protesters thronging the place, many street vendors also flocked here hoping for more business. Many small-time vendors occupied the space between trucks and tractor trolleys to run their business. “I brought T-Shirts with ‘I love Kisan’ tag on an urgent order yesterday. I sold at least 100 pieces today and earned Rs 10,000” said Arshad, a hawker from the Shahdara. These vendors travel to Punjab every winter to sell warm clothes. However, this year, many hawkers and vendors opened their business at the three protest sites.

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