Embracing gratitude in isolation


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On February 25, I had returned home from a three-day solo spiritual retreat. The same day I connected with all my clients to check upon their progress and found out that the client whose session I took last – a day before going to the retreat – was unwell. Soon, I had a fever and felt heaviness in my head.

Right after mini-isolation, I got into another round of isolation at home and waited to get tested on the third day, as advised by the family doctor). I knew it was Covid as the next day my client confirmed he had tested positive. Apart from RT-PCR, I got a fever panel, urine test, CBC, IL- 6, D-dimer, C-RP and LFT, done.

Then, my report came positive. Luckily, no one else in my family got affected. By the fourth day, my sense of smell and taste diminished and then completely went away. This expanded my practice of gratitude for my senses and body. We often don’t realise the importance of things till we actually lose them.

Being a psychotherapist and a coach, I put all my physical sessions on hold but offered to be there online or over call. As March began, I lost all physical strength and could barely keep my eyes open. I slept through four days and relied on a protein- rich diet with a lot of liquid intake.

Coconut water, curd, lemon water, yogurt and ORS always remained around me. Once a day, I ate a small portion of fruits — banana, apple, kiwi, strawberry and guava and would conclude the day with turmeric milk.

My appetite had decreased but I kept myself nourished, and regularly took the prescribed medicines Sinarest, Vitamin C, Limcee, Azee 150, Becapsule Performance, Vermikind 12, Vizylac and Codistar DX 5ml. I was advised to inhale steam thrice a day.

Fortunately, my fever and saturation levels were under control and I didn’t have body ache. I was swamped with gifts, flowers, love and blessings in isolation. But I missed my daughter immensely as for the first time in six years I had not seen or hugged her for 21 days straight.

My mother-in-law cooked for everyone and took care of everything, my parents checked in on me regularly, and my husband Gaurav made sure that I took steam, and ate at regular intervals.

Being a healer, I continued to clear my aura and chakras and chanted for quick recovery whenever I could. My friend Shalini, also a healer, chanted and prayed for me along with my best friend, Piyush. Gradually, I started getting my energy back. I started posting my experience on social media in a light, fun way with a motivational lesson at the end of every post. By March 10, my sense of smell and taste partially returned and the cough had subsided.

When I tested negative on March 14, I immediately rushed to hold my little one, and it was the biggest joy in the world. I resumed supporting my clients actively from March 18 and with the alternative therapies, healing and energy work. I didn’t face any side-effects, energy crisis or post-Covid symptoms.

Psychotherapist Dr Chandni Tugnait is the Founder of Gate Way of Healing — As told to Nikita Sharma

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