Delhi Police trace 31 missing kids in May


By Express News Service

NEW DELHI:  The Delhi Police in Dwarka district traced 31 missing children in May and reunited them with their family during a special drive. All the missing children were traced within a period of one month. 

“The Anti-Human-Trafficking Unit (AHTU) achieved the tracing target of total 31 minor children in May 2021 who were missing from the area of Dwarka district and a total of 31 missing minor children (7 boys and 24 girls) have been recovered/traced with the sincere efforts of our dedicated staff,” said DCP Santosh Kumar Meena. 

During this drive, the district police tried to trace every child and made all efforts to get any clue about their parents/home so that they can be restored properly. The local enquiry was done in and around the place of stay of the missing children/persons, said the DCP. 

The senior police said that during the during the drive, police personnel called the friends and the family members of the missing children to built a trust between the police and public. 

The police shared photographs of the missing children/persons on different Whatsapp groups, Covid-Volunteer groups and NGOs. “Announcements were made by PA system in nearby areas/parks and the help of the technical surveillance team was also taken,” the DCP said. 

Further, the staff of Dwarka district has been directed to  to screen complete documentation of all the children residing in shelter homes, bus stands, roads, religious  places etc to reunite the missing children with their respective families.  The personnel who traced more than 15 children will be rewarded, said the DCP.

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