Delhi Master Plan 2041: Tackling pollution top priority for Kejriwal government


Express News Service

NEW DELHI:  Environment issues have been given a huge priority in the Master Plan of Delhi 2041. It proposes a comprehensive framework to chalk out strategies for tackling pollution, protection of natural assets from public interference and develop environmental assets. 

The MPD talks about government making effort to protect and develop an integrated network of ‘Green and Blue Assets’— natural and planned green infrastructure.  

The plan says that the natural green areas like of the Aravalli ridge, the Yamuna river, forests, streams, drains, lakes and wetlands, in Delhi and the manmade assets like parks, maidans, ponds, baolis, which together be called ‘Green-Blue Infrastructure’ should be protected and new ones be created to maintain the biodiversity and microclimate of Delhi.

All projects will be rated and shall have to achieve a minimum value of the GBF as prescribed.

This would include development of green-blue features within plots or buildings in the form of roof gardens, terrace gardens and green walls. 

The MPD also proposes a dedicated tree plantation policy for large parks by the DDA.

It also lays out strategies to enhance public connection with nature where residents and stakeholder groups shall be facilitated by concerned agencies to play a role in the protection and improvement of green-blue assets and develop community ownership.

To tackle water pollution, the plan says that storm water drainage shall be integrated within the landscaping and design of parks.

In land pooling areas, existing plantations, wetlands, low-lying areas shall be included for development of public parks and aquifer recharge ponds in order to retain the drainage pattern. 

The MPD says that qater quality improvement to be taken up for river Yamuna and various natural drains, lakes and baolis, by checking the outfall of untreated wastewater.

For rejuvenation Yamuna river, the MPD proposes a River Development Plan prepared and anchored by DDA, this could be a multi-agency initiative that shall guide protection of the floodplain.

Dumping of solid and liquid wastes in any environmental asset of the city shall be strictly prohibited and penalised. A special focus has also been given for development of green buffers along the drains of the national capital.

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