Delhi HC quashes FIR against 21-year-old, directs accused to do community service at gurdwara



NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court has directed a 21-year-old man to do community service at Bangla Sahib gurdwara here for a month while quashing a criminal case against him.

While imposing a fine of Rs 1 lakh, the court said the man must learn to control his anger and not take law in his hands. Justice Subramonium Prasad quashed the FIR lodged against the man for the offence of attempt to murder, noting that he was a 21-year-old youth with his entire life ahead of him and the fact that the parties have entered into a settlement.

The court directed him to do one month community service at Bangla Sahib gurdwara from March 16 to April 16 and added that after completion of one month, he should submit a certificate to show compliance.

The court said a perusal of the charge sheet would show that during probe the accused has stated that when he was arguing with his mother, the complainant slapped him, he felt insulted and therefore, in anger, he took a knife from a vegetable vendor and stabbed the complainant.

The incident had taken place in March 2020 and an FIR was lodged against the man. The court noted that the man has already spent about a month in custody and he has expressed regret in the court. Also, the complainant who was present in the court stated that the life of the youngster would get spoiled if proceedings continue.

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