Dare2Gear: These cycling enthusiasts have decided to take break from city life


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My favourite thing about cycling is the feeling of adventure it gives me. The adrenaline that shoots through me the moment I’m on the saddle, it is inexpressible,” shares Divya Pas Das (48) from Noida, who started cycling in 2017. Similarly, Tarun Wadhwa’s (35) monotonous job at an Information Technology company could not compete with the euphoria he experienced while riding a bicycle. “I was always stressed when I was working a nine-to-five job. I never had time for myself and, frankly speaking, I was getting depressed,” says Wadhwa. Hoping to re-establish excitement in his life, Wadhwa, along with his brother Varun Wadhwa (31), founded Dare2Gear in 2016. The travel agency aims to awaken a feeling of adventure in citizens who are overworked and struggling to maintain work-life balance.

“Adventure sports are a form of relaxation. Instead of just staying at home, we try to urge people to go out and experience the beauty of the world around them, while being healthy at the same time,” Tarun adds. Initially a travel agency, the company has now expanded to set up a cycle store and workshop at Noida.  

Riding the stress away
Organising regular cycling and trekking tours around the country, Dare2Gear’s previous cycling trails include Delhi to Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, and Rajasthan. Their latest tour ‘Meraki 4.3’, an adventure cycling trip to Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand, begins today at the Dare2Gear cycle store in Noida. With two support vehicles following the group with their luggage and medical supplies, they will gear up to start at around 6.00 am today. Starting at the break of dawn, the group of cyclists have an opportunity to experience a quintessential Delhi winter morning before venturing out into the mountainous roads of the Himalayan foothills.

“This is not just a ride to stay fit but also an efficient and fun way to explore another part of the country,” Tarun comments. The group plans to complete their ride and return to India Gate on November 28 evening. Apart from cycling, Dare2Gear has also planned a 35km optional trek to Kaladhungi in Nainital on the second day of their tour.

Trip of a lifetime
Exhilarated about the ride and awaiting to catch a glimpse of the world from the saddle, Shuchittvan Rastogi (40) from Greater Noida West mentions, “Although I have already been to Jim Corbett twice, this is the first time I will be riding to the destination on a cycle. While cycling, I have the liberty to observe and enjoy the surroundings around me. It is a beautiful feeling; all my problems look small. I feel completely free and at peace.” Even a pro who mounts the bike every day might fret about the distance. Despite completing “century miles with Dare2Gear”, Rastogi adds, “I am slightly unsure if I’ll even be able to ride the entire distance. Keeping that in mind, if I’m able to complete this feat, the happiness will be unparalleled.” For the many who would like to live an adventure on wheels, Dare2Gear will be organising an eight-day cycling tour from Delhi to Mumbai on December 11. 

450 kms Noida -Jim Corbett- Delhi

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