Covid doesn’t recognise borders, states should shed differences: CM Arvind Kejriwal


By Express News Service

NEW DELHI:  Even as severe medical oxygen shortage is crippling the healthcare system in the national capital, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday appealed other states to shed differences and come together at this hour of grave crisis. The comments came a day after his government alleged that some neighbouring states were diverting oxygen tankers heading towards Delhi. 

“Corona does not recognise borders. We must also move beyond them and work together. This is a collective crisis. If we decide to split ourselves into Haryana, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and West Bengal, India will not survive. We need to come together and unite as Indians and as human beings,” said the chief minister. 

According to the Delhi government, despite an increase in the quota of oxygen set by the Centre for Delhi, the city hospitals are still facing a severe shortage. Kejriwal said the ongoing curfew period is when the government tries to strengthen its arrangements for Covid patients. The chief minister said his government is making efforts to air-lift oxygen from Odisha, which has shown readiness to provide more volume of oxygen to the national capital, to reduce time.

Kejriwal who is personally monitoring the situation has appealed on social media, written letters to Union ministers and talked on phone to chief ministers of neighbouring states regarding the oxygen supply. Carrying the message of unity among states to manage this “colossal crisis”, Kejriwal said his government is working round the clock to make sure that all the required resources are available. 

The CM said that for the sake of humanity, medical supplies should not be stopped by other states, adding that if in future, Delhi has anything surplus, it will not think twice in helping other needy states. “It is my promise as the chief minister of Delhi, if we have surplus medicines, oxygen and other supplies, we will send them to states that need them. When Covid subsides in Delhi and doctors are required in other states, we will send them there,” added Kejriwal.

Kejriwal thanks Odisha CM

CM Kejriwal on Thursday thanked his counterpart in Odisha for agreeing to send medical oxygen to the national capital. “Received a call from Naveen Patnaik ji. He has put a special officer on the job. Thank you so much Sir. Delhi is indeed grateful,” he tweeted.

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