COVID-19: Delhi government announces class 9, 11 results on basis of performance in mid-term exams



NEW DELHI: Results for classes 9 and 11 in Delhi government schools were announced on Tuesday, nearly two months after the exams were cancelled in view of the aggressive second wave of COVID-19.

According to the Directorate of Education (DoE), 2.58 lakh students were enrolled in class 9 in 2020-21, out of which 2.45 lakh appeared for mid-term exams.

The final results of students were collated based on mid-term and internal assessments.

Based on this evaluation criteria, 1.97 lakh students in class 9 have passed in Delhi.

“The pass percentage in class 9 is 80.3 per cent. Last year, the pass percentage of students was 65 per cent which increased to 85 per cent based on project-based assessments,” a government official said.

Similarly, out of 1.70 students in class 11, 1.69 lakh students appeared for exams and 1.65 lakh of them passed.

According to the official, 96.9 per cent of class 11 students have cleared the examinations.

“In 2019-20, 99.25 per cent students in class 11 passed the compartment exams. Project-based assessment formed the evaluation criteria of class 11 examinations, identical to class 9 evaluation criteria,” the official added.

The official said examinations of Social Studies, Sanskrit and Third Language for class 9 and Geography and Business Studies for class 11 could not be conducted for the year 2020-21.

Further, the average marks of best two subjects out of the main five subjects have been given in the subjects where the exams could not be conducted or the student was absent for whatever reason.

“A total of 12,500 students in grade 9 and 3,500 students in grade 11 did not appear for mid-term examinations this year. All those students who have not appeared for any exams will be eligible for reassessment. The reassessment will be based on class-based assignments, project work and other assessments. Guidelines regarding reassessment will be released soon by the DoE,” the official said.

The results to students have been sent via WhatsApp and SMS.

“Considering new guidelines were published by DoE keeping in mind the security and safety of students, schools have sent the results to students via SMS and WhatsApp instead of calling them to school,” the official said.

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