Classical tribute for India’s martyrs featuring the concept of Samyuktam


By Express News Service

To honour the unsung Indian soldiers who laid down their lives for the nation, Pandit Chatur Lal Memorial Society is holding a musical concert titled Amar Jyoti. Featuring the concept of Samyuktam (we are united), the highlight is an amalgamation of two dance forms — Bharatanatyam by Rukmini Vijayakumar and Kathak by Vidha Lal. In this jugalbandi, young tabla player Pranshu Chatur Lal will play at the Kathak recital, and renowned mridangam maestro Harsha Samaga will accompany the Bharatnatyam dancer.

“With this ‘jugalbandi’, you will experience a blend of Kathak and Bharatanatyam with the nuances of Hindustani and Carnatic rhythms that combine the grace and power of dance, which will be magical to look at,” says Pranshu Chatur Lal, adding, “There will be a small window when Harsha and I will do our own jugalbandi in different jatis (time signatures).” The event will witness vocals by Pavithra Chari and Rohith Bhat Uppoor filled with the musical note of flute by Atul Shankar, sarangi by Mudassir Khan and violin by G Raghavendra Prasath. TS Sharath will present Nattuvangam recital.

Amar Jyoti is an annual feature of Pandit Chatur Lal Memorial Society organised under the aegis Pandit Chaturlal Festival. “We began holding this concert 24 years back as a mark of respect to the martyrs of our nation. So, this online edition is the 24th edition of Amar Jyoti,” says Shruti Chaturlal, who has curated and conceptualised the show. Granddaughter of the Tabla legend Pandit Chatur Lal, Shruti is also the Artistic Director at Pandit Chatur Lal Festival.

“Holding an online event was challenging since half our artists were from Bengaluru. Travelling in the second wave was difficult, and no halls were opened to hold the rehearsals. We even had to get their RTPCR tests done. But it has been worth it,” she adds. “Another aim of this concert is to motivate everyone in these difficult times, to spread the message that we are all one, and must remain united,” says Pranshu.

AT: The event will be streamed live on the YouTube channel ( of the society
ON: August 7; 7:00pm

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