Civic bodies in crisis due to BJP’s corruption, says Delhi dy CM Sisodia


By Express News Service

NEW DELHI:  Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Wednesday attacked thew BJP ruled municipal corporations over payment of salaries to employees. “The municipal corporations are in deep waters. No government structure or cooperation has ever been asked by the Court to sell their property  and assets to pay salaries. This situation would not have arisen if BJP had made dedicated efforts in managing the MCDs,” Sisodia said.

The AAP government has been at loggerheads with the BJP-ruled civid bodies for many years on the issue of finances. While the government says it has paid all the due amount to civic bodies, BJP alleges the government is deliberately not paying due funds.

“Delhi government has continuously aided and supported the MCDs. Since the AAP government has come into power in Delhi, we have not even adjusted the loan or interest of MCD employees. Despite this, the municipal corporations of Delhi are a mess that no government structure has ever seen,” added the minister.

Sisodia further alleged that the money sent by Delhi government and taxpayers to the MCDs is missing and the Court has ordered MCD to sell assets and pay its employees, which is shameful and insulting. It is time for BJP to take full responsibility for the sheer mess, he added. The non-payment of salaries has hit sanitation staff and even doctors last year.  MCD elections are slated to be held next year and AAP hopes to take over the civic bodies with a majority.

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