Children offer ‘Eidi’ to needy Covid-19 patients in Delhi


Express News Service

NEW DELHI:  At a time when people are worried about celebrating Ramzan with a lockdown in force to contain Covid, six children from east Delhi’s Brahampuri area have chosen to celebrate the holy day by donating ‘eidi’ (gift) to help Covid patients in need of oxygen and for the homeless living in hunger.

The children aged 7-5 years have come up with the slogan ‘Eidi karenge daan, marizo ki bachayenge jaan’. Besides donating ‘eidi,’ they will also donate savings from their piggybank to the needy patients. The six children are Saifuddin, Mohammad Faiz, Raja Bashir, Shoaib, Abdul Rauf and Abdul Samad. They are cousins and live in a joint family in the Brahampuri area.

“I watch TV news with my grandmother. I heard about people dying due to oxygen shortage. My grandmother explained to me the importance of oxygen. So, I decided to donate my ‘eidi’ and encouraged my cousins to follow me,” said 7-year-old Saifuddin, the eldest among the kids.

“My khala (aunty) also died due to oxygen shortage. My grandmother has told me that Ramzan is about sharing and helping. Each of us received `500 as eidi this year plus we saved `1,500 from our piggybank,” says Saifuddin.

Mohammad Faiz says they can’t go out, they will give ‘eidi’ to their uncle who will then donate the money to Sub District Magistrate (SDM) Ajay Arora. “We have also asked our friends and school friends to donate their ‘eidi’ to the needy Covid patients.

Their grandmother Shahida is proud of them. “Last year too, they donated their ‘eidi’ for buying food and ration for the homeless and migrants,” she said. SDM Ajay Arora said he was very delighted by the kids’ gesture. “People are facing many problems due to the pandemic. I have assured the kids that their ‘eidi’ will reach the needy,” he said.

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