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While The Singularity (the birth of true AI) is still hopefully a fever dream, general AI has become part and parcel of everyday life, from the automatic tellers that disburse our cash to the apps that make being a consumer so automated.

Despite all that, there’s still space for creativity Inspo, an AI-human hybrid tool that can generate GPT-3 thought-starters in a jiffy and gather relevant inspiration from sources across the web on any topic, for content creation, campaigns, ads, moment marketing, brainstorms, pitching or any other creative project was launched on May 27, Thursday (yesterday). Conceived and conceptualised by tech entrepreneurs Dhrupad Karwa and Andrew Leung, Inspo has been built with a singular objective: inspiration on tap.

“Inspiration is one of the most important yet misunderstood ingredients in the creative process. Though intangible in nature, its consequences could not be more real,” muses Karwa, adding, “In a world that demands around-the-clock creative thinking but has a limited supply of the inspiration required to fuel it, lacklustre work, burnout and creative blocks are inevitable. Inspo is here to ensure that the supply of actionable inspiration never runs out and our creative tanks are always full.”

According to the founders, all it takes is a simple keyword search (e.g. coffee, motorcycle, fitness, etc.) or by clicking on an event or trend on Inspo’s Inspiration Calendar (e.g. World Environment Day, #LockdownRecipes, etc.). The tool generates relevant thought-starters (using GPT-3 combined with creative associations from HaikuJAM) which can be further contextualised for a brand or topic by applying AI Lenses (e.g. coffee inspiration for Netflix). It also surfaces inspiration from cultural sources across the web, such as Goodreads, Twitter, Reddit, 9GAG, Creative Blogs, Unsplash, Metrolyrics, and lots more.

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