Bus routes diverted for movement of MPs, trouble in store for Delhi government staffers


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NEW DELHI:  There is trouble in store for commuters, especially government staff working at Central Secretariat, Krishi Bhawan, Udhyog Bhawan, Rail Bhawan and other nearby offices located on Rafi Marg. Those who travel by bus to reach these offices will be affected for three weeks starting November 29 when the winter session of Parliament starts. Delhi Traffic Police and the Parliament Secretariat have decided to close the route from Sunheri Masjid to Rafi Marg, Sansad Marg and Imtiaz Khan Marg for buses to facilitate movement of parliamentarians.

Sources said these changes are made for security purposes and to avoid untoward incidents, considering that Samyukta Kisan Morcha is planning a protest march to Parliament on November. Farmer leaders will have a meeting with all union leaders regarding the march on November 27.  

To make sure that no ministers or MPs are stuck in traffic jams or face inconvenience while reaching Parliament during the winter session, Delhi Traffic Police has also decided to make Rafi Marg two way for ease of movement of the parliamentarians. At present, this stretch is one way. No public bus, auto-rickshaw, private vehicle or common public will be allowed to use the opposite carriageway on Rafi Marg created for the MPs and ministers. 

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Ajay Pal Singh said, “Presently, Rafi Marg is a single way and traffic from Rafi Marg comes towards Rail Bhawan via Sansad Marg. Now, as the Parliament session is coming, we have decided to make it a two-way road allowing traffic from Rail Bhawan to Sansad Marg on Rafi Marg to facilitate VIP movement. 

Separate diversion for buses for Parl session

The change has been made because Red Cross Road is closed due to construction of the new Parliament. This opposite carriageway has been created to facilitate the movement of ministers and MPs. Buses and the public are restricted and will not be allowed to use this carriageway.” He added that a separate diversion for buses has been created.

“Buses that currently operate from Rafi Marg will not be allowed to ply via this route during this period. A separate diversion has been made for buses. The change has been made because Red Cross Road is closed. This is not permanent. The changes will be in effect for a period of 15 days when the Parliament session will be on.” Due to changes and closure of these stretches, buses going towards Akbar Road, Janpath, Connaught Circle and Kendriya Terminal will go towards Baba Khadak Singh Marg towards Pandit Pant Marg and other designated routes. Buses that start or end their journey from Krish Bhawan will have to start and end at National Museum.

Further, buses that plied from New Delhi/Connaught Circle via Sansad Marg towards South-West and West Delhi will also have to take Baba Khadak Singh Marg. As per officials, about 35 bus routes with numbers 610, 610 B, 630, 680, 89, 540, 970, 970 A, 970 C, 604, 620, 632, 781, 720, 783, 47 A, 410, 980, 166, 181, 181 A, 400, 433, 460, 490, 500, 520, 270, 310, 391, 740, 740 A, 740 B, 740 Ext and 770 A will go towards Raja Ji Marg, Akbar Road roundabout, Akbar Road, Janpath, Connaught Place, Baba Khadak Singh Marg and Pandit Pant Marg.

“On an average, a bus has seating capacity of 50 and about 300 buses ply on this stretch. Most of the central government employees work in offices in and around this area in Lutyen’s Delhi. They will have to take alternate modes of transport like Metro for this period of time,” said an official.

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