Bootlegging thrives amid lockdown, three gangs busted


By Express News Service

NEW DELHI:  Pandemic profiteering seems to be extending beyond black-marketing of oxygen cylinders and essential drugs. Taking advantage of the lockdown and closure of liquor shops, bootleggers are trying to reap profits by transporting booze into the city and sell it at high prices. On Wednesday alone the Delhi Police busted three gangs in three different parts of the city and seized around 150 cartons of illicit liquor.

A PCR call was received about an accident at Baliyan Pana. When the police personnel reached the place they found one Naveen in a car. It was revealed that the car was stopped by local people after it had hit a vehicle. Seeing Naveen’s suspicious behaviour, the police checked his car and found 19 cartons (950 quarters) of liquor which was meant for sale in Haryana.

The accused confessed that he did not have any job due to the lockdown and hence to make some quick bucks, started supplying liquor.  In another case, Dwarka Police arrested two bootleggers. “Our personnel found two men lifting one bag and on seeing the police party, both tried to run away but the patrolling staff apprehended them,” said the police. 

The police recovered 70 quarter bottles of liquor from the duo, who have been identified as Pradeep Kumar and Popi. Meanwhile, in Sadae Bazar, police arrested two persons trying to transport 46 quarters of illicit liquor.

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