Avoid treated waste water in anti-smog guns: Delhi Pollution Control Committee


By Express News Service

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) has advised against using treated waste water in anti-smog guns for preventing dust suspension in active work zones.

It asked project proponents to deploy at least one anti-smog gun at construction and demolition sites measuring below 20,000 sqm and two such devices at sites measuring between 20,000 sqm-40,000 sqm.

Sites with a built up area of 40,000 sqm-60,000 sqm will require three anti-smog guns and those measuring 60,000 sqm-80,000 sqm will need four, as per DPCC guidelines.

Anti-smog gun, also called spray gun, mist gun or water cannon, is suitable for suppressing or settling down localised dust in a work-zone. It is found to be suitable for controlling industrial dust in mining, grinding, coal or mineral handling and stone crushers.

‘Water to be used should be free from coliforms, viruses and bacteria. If necessary, disinfection of water may be practiced’ the guidelines read.

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