AIIMS doctors come to help of stranded Afghans in national capital


Express News Service

NEW DELHI:  To help the Afghan nationals who are stranded in Delhi, a few AIIMS doctors have stepped in with food and medical aid.

Dr Prasun Chatterjee, additional professor of geriatrics, along with his NGO Healthy Aging India is providing meal to 400 Afghans in the city.

“They have a very different food taste so keeping in mind their culture we are serving them biryani mostly. We are offering meal two times a day. We are delivering the meal at Lajpat Nagar where majority of them are stranded and from there, the locals take initiative to send it to other parts of city,” said Dr Chatterjee.

He said most of these Afghan nationals are either students or those who have come for medical treatment.

“Their ATMs are sealed. They have already spent a hefty amount at private hospitals. And now they also need financial help,” he noted. The medical professional is also looking for financial support to continue his cause.

“Each day I am spending around Rs 8,000 from my pocket. Anyone who wants to donate can do it through the website of Healthy Aging India,” he said.

The embassy of Afghanistan in Delhi had written to AIIMS director Dr Randeep Guleria seeking medical assistance to the Afghans stuck here.

“I am writing to you on behalf of more than 600 Afghan nationals stranded in New Delhi. These individuals are running out of money and facing many challenges,” read the letter.

The embassy expressed gratitude to the Indian government for providing vaccines to Afghan nationals.

“Given the current circumstances, it is unfortunate that many people in Afghanistan are deprived of the privilege of fully vaccinated. Now that a number of Afghan citizens are here in Delhi, it is good opportunity to be vaccinated before leaving for the country. I avail this opportunity to request you to assist this group to be vaccinated at your hospital on gratis basis,” the letter read.

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