AAP government will take all steps to check black fungus cases: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal


By Express News Service

NEW DELHI:  Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday said the Delhi government will take all necessary steps and precautions to check cases of black fungus or mucormycosis in the city.

The fungal infection is caused by a group of moulds known as mucormycetes present naturally in the environment.

Recently, several states, including Delhi, have reported a rise in the number of black fungus cases among people recovering from Covid-19.

“For the black fungus (cases), the Delhi government will take all the steps and precautions necessary,” Kejriwal said in a statement.

In an advisory released on May 9, the Centre had said that mucormycosis may turn fatal if it is not taken care of.

The fungal infection mainly affects people who are on medication that reduces their ability to fight environmental pathogens.

Dr Ajay Swaroop, chairman of the ENT department at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, said the use of steroids in Covid-19 treatment coupled with the fact that many coronavirus patients have diabetes could be one of the reasons for the rise black fungus cases.

‘Comorbid patients more prone’

Dr Ajay Swaroop, from Ganga Ram Hospital noted that the infection is being seen in patients who have recovered from Covid but have comorbi-dities such as diabetes, failure, or cancer.

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