9,500 more beds if Delhi gets oxygen: CM Arvind Kejriwal


By Express News Service

NEW DELHI: About 9,500 more beds for Covid patients would be added if Delhi continues to get adequate quota of oxygen, CM Arvind Kejriwal said while thanking the Centre for meeting the needs of hospitals.

At a digital press briefing, the CM said that 730 metric tonnes (MT) oxygen was supplied by the Centre for the first time on Wednesday even as the present daily requirement is 700 MT.

“Until the second wave of Covid subsides in Delhi, we will need 700MT oxygen daily. If Delhi gets an adequate supply of 700MT oxygen, it will be able to set up a centre with 9,000-9,500 beds.”

Hoping that the Centre will continue supplying sufficient quantities of the life-saving gas as per the requirement, Kejriwal appealed to the hospitals to restore beds, which were reduced to non-availability of oxygen.

“I would like to thank the Central government on behalf of the people of Delhi. I would also thank the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court. It was because of their efforts that we were able to get 730MT oxygen,” said Kerjiwal.

“We are grateful as innumerable lives can now be saved. It shouldn’t be the case that one day we receive 700MT and the next day we again get only 300- 400MT, because this will create turmoil in the hospitals again Kejriwal said that the hospitals, which had reduced their beds, should restore the number of beds as he was hopeful 700MT of oxygen would be available daily.

“If we receive 700MT oxygen daily, we can create several oxygen- beds in Delhi. Given the scarcity of oxygen, we can only create 5,000 beds in Radha Soami Satsang; 2,500 beds at two places in Burari; 1,000 beds in CWG Village; and 1,000 beds in Yamuna Sports Complex. Around 9,000-9,500 beds can be prepared if we get adequate oxygen. If we get 700MT oxygen daily, I guarantee you that no person will have to die because of oxygen shortage.”

On vaccination drive, the CM said a total 35.74 lakh doses were administered so far.

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