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One layer makeup: A glam, yet easy look for summer

If you are tired of the no make-up makeup look for the summer, try this new, minimal beauty trend that is making the rounds on Instagram. Called one-layer makeup, you are not going to need any new products for this hack. Instead of adding layer after layer of product, all you need to do is apply all your products in one layer only.

A normal glam routine in the book of an amateur beauty enthusiast would include first applying a layer of foundation, followed by concealer, blush, contour and then highlighter. With this absolute game-changing hack, you can apply all of your products at one go and blend it together for a seamless look.

How to go about it?

(Photo: Instagram (For representational purposes only))

To get this hack right, after applying the primer, the first step is to simply dot each cream-based product across your visage like you would usually do. The next step includes using a setting mist that keeps your makeup from drying out and helps to lock it down for hours. After misting your face with your setting spray, it will be easier to blend all the makeup dotted on your face.

In the next step, a beauty blender or brush is used to build the base. Start buffing the dots from the lightest to the darkest colours — first the concealer, followed by highlighter, blush, foundation and contour. It is important to follow this order and not start with the darker shade, as it will all go a bit pear shaped.

(Photo: Instagram (For representational purposes only))
(Photo: Instagram (For representational purposes only))

Once all the makeup is blended out, it appears like a full face of makeup without all the extra layers. Give your face one last spritz of setting spray to ensure your makeup lasts.

The best part about the hack? It is technically a single layer of makeup even though you are wearing the usual five different products. It also looks au naturale and is perfect for someone who is tired of the cakey makeup looks that melts the moment you step out of your home. It is a super easy routine, as it delivers a full face of makeup but with less effort and time.

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