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On World Sleep Day, This Bengaluru Firm Gives ‘Gift Of Sleep’ To Its Employees

New Delhi: In a move to encourage wellness practices among its employees, a business in Bengaluru today, March 17, declared an optional holiday for its staff in honour of World Sleep Day. On LinkedIn, Wakefit Solutions, a D2C home and sleep solutions start-up well known for its home furnishings goods posted a screenshot of the email that was sent to every employee. “Surprise Holiday: Introducing the Gift of Sleep,” the mail’s subject line said.

“We are delighted to announce that Wakefit will observe World Sleep Day on Friday, March 17, as an optional holiday for all its employees,” the home solutions provider stated in a surprise email. We consider Sleep Day to be a holiday since we love to sleep, especially on Fridays! On the HR portal, you can apply for this leave just like any other holiday. (Also Read: This LIC Scheme Ending On March 31: Check Return Calculator, Other Details)

“Sleepiness during work hours has increased by 21 percent since 2022, and the number of people who wake up fatigued has increased by 11 percent, according to the sixth edition of our Great Indian Sleep Scorecard. What better way to honour Sleep Day given the prevalence of sleep loss than by giving the gift of sleep? the email was read in full.

The annual World Sleep Day, which is held on the third Friday in March, aims to raise awareness of the value of getting enough sleep and of issues associated with getting enough sleep. Consistent performance is ensured by getting enough sleep, which also improves concentration and makes one more motivated.

The business has already declared a sleep break for its staff members. Wakefit Solutions introduced a “Right to Nap policy” in May of last year, allowing workers to take a 30-minute sleep while on the job.

The official sleep hours for Wakefit personnel to take a well-earned break have been set at 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm, according to director and co-founder Chaitanya Ramalingegowda. He added that the company is aiming to build cosy nap pods and quiet areas in the workplace. The decision was met with a resoundingly positive response from the workforce, and it was extensively publicised on social media.

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