Will Facebook, Twitter Be Blocked In 2 Days? New Rules To Come In Effect


So far, no company except for one has appointed any such officials (Representational)

New Delhi:

A set of Central rules to regulate digital content featuring a code of ethics and a three-tier grievance redressal framework come into effect in two days without any of the social media giants — Twitter, Facebook and Instagram — complying to any of it, government sources said. The rules for news sites and OTT platforms were announced in February and they were given three months to comply.

The rules include appointment of compliance officials, giving their name and contact address in India, complaint resolution, monitoring of objectionable content, compliance report and removal of objectionable content.

The government said its aim was to establish what it called a “soft touch progressive institutional mechanism with a level-playing field”.  

On February 25, the Electronics & Information Technology ministry gave a three-month deadline to social media platforms to comply with the new rules. The three-month window ends on May 25, 2021. So far, no company except for one has appointed any such officials, sources said.

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