Western Railways Launches Special Covid-19 Drive in Line With New Maharashtra Curbs


Covid-19 awareness drives are being undertaken on platforms.

Those found not wearing masks or spitting on railway premises to be fined.

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  • Last Updated:April 22, 2021, 21:47 IST

A day after the Maharashtra government declared that local train services will continue but will be limited for use by only essential workers, Western Railways has issued a list of rules.

Amid speculations that the state is headed towards a total lockdown as the Uddhav Thackeray struggled to check the rapid rise in the second wave of Covid-19, the Maharashtra government announced fresh SOPs in addition to the ones already in place till April 30. The state has restricted the local trains, Metro, and Monorail services to essential personnel who will be issued special passes.

To ensure the guidelines are enforced strictly, WR is undertaking the following measures:

  • Suburban tickets will be issued as per the notification of the state government. Announcements are being made to this effect at WR stations.
  • Tickets will be issued only from counters. UTS, ATVMs, and JTBS will be deactivated in view of the new guidelines.
  • RPF and Ticket checking staff will be deployed at stations to ensure compliance.
  • To streamline the movement of passengers, entry/exit gates will be limited at stations where passengers will be checked. Accordingly, 174 entry/exit gates have been closed out of the 266 on WR suburban section.
  • To monitor and control the crowd, maximum deployment of staff has been ensured at all the stations, circulating areas, and platforms. Also, officers have been nominated to monitor the situation & crowd management at sensitive stations.
  • RPF will work in coordination with GRP for ensuring the prevention of unauthorised access into the station.
  • Those found not wearing masks or spitting on railway premises to be fined.
  • The Railways staff has also directed to maintain personal hygiene and sanitise themselves at regular intervals for their own safety and safety of others.

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