Watch: Tanker Overturns, Driver Injured But Villagers Busy Looting Petrol


Some even came on bikes to get their share of free petrol

New Delhi:

A fuel tanker overturned at the side of the road – its driver injured in the accident. Dozens of locals can be seen around, but not helping the injured, rather trying to scoop up whatever overflowing petrol they can – some using funnels to fill their bottles, others their bare hands.

This incident was captured on camera when a fuel tanker, going from Gwalior to Sheopur, overturned in Pohri due to overspeeding. The video, shared multiple times on social media, shows villagers from Madhya Pradesh’s Shivpuri district – where petrol prices have touched a staggering Rs 106 per litre – collecting petrol in plastic bottles and containers from the overturned fuel tanker. Some even came on bikes to get their share of free petrol.

As the fuel kept dripping from the tanker, many villagers were seen picking up the spilt petrol from the ground – some with their bare hands while some with funnels.

The local police reached the accident site but could do little, even with the help of other locals, to disperse the crowd and stop the loot.

Petrol and diesel prices have seen dramatic surges in recent times across the country and have breached Rs 100 per litre mark in many states. On Wednesday, fuel prices were hiked for the 25th time since May 4. Petrol retailed at Rs 96.66 per litre and diesel at Rs 87.41 per litre in Delhi today. In Mumbai, the prices of petrol and diesel are Rs 102.82 per litre and Rs 94.84 per litre respectively. Meanwhile, petrol prices are above Rs 107 and diesel over Rs 100 mark at Rewa in Madhya Pradesh today.

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