Want Sunday Exercise Without Moving An Inch? Anand Mahindra Offers “Solution”


The clip shared by Anand Mahindra is being widely shared (File)

New Delhi:

Sundays are for lazing around. And on holidays it can take a lot out of you to stick to your fitness routine. Industrialist Anand Mahindra has, therefore, found an innovative way to not feel guilty about skipping the gym. The Chairman of Mahindra Group has found the perfect video that will make you feel like you have had a long session at the gym without even moving an inch from your couch. The video that he shared on Twitter is a montage of some performances by gymnasts at various events. Pulling off some complex flips and jumps, the gymnasts are the epitome of fitness and form.

Sharing the clip, Mr Mahindra wrote, “If you are the type that feels lazy on a Sunday to do your exercise routine, then here’s a solution: Like me, store this clip, watch it at least twice and I assure you, at the end, you will be exhausted and every muscle in your body will feel exercised…”

The clip has been viewed over 77,100 times in three hours and is being widely shared. 

Replying to the tweet, one user shared a video of a much older woman performing some gymnastic stunts. “You can (take) some inspiration from here as well,” the user said.

“Is it even real!” another user wondered.

“Just watch….do not attempt,” read one comment.

“Are they humans or just robots having springs attached in their steps to bounce in succession at such speed that the normal eye fails to believe,” another user commented.

“Mad stuff these people pull off at the Olympics, huge respect,” one follower said, adding that it looked impossible.

“Exhilarating…truly phenomenal what a human can do!” another user wrote.

Some users confessed that just watching the video was making them dizzy. Take a look.

Tell us what you think of Mr Mahindra’s take on lazy days in the comments below.

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