Twist In Aryan Khan Case: Witness Claims Payoff, Anti-Drugs Agency Denies


Aryan Khan was arrested on October 3 by the Narcotics Control Bureau.

New Delhi:

A witness of the anti-drugs agency Narcotics Control Bureau in the case against megastar Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan, has made shocking claims about collusion and pay-offs against the agency and KP Gosavi — the alleged private investigator whose selfie with Aryan Khan went viral.

Top NCB official Sameer Wankhede has denied any wrongdoing, saying he would give “a fitting reply”.

In an affidavit, Prabhakar Sail – who claims to be a personal bodyguard to KP Gosavi — has alleged that he overheard a Rs 18 crore deal.

Alleged private investigator Kiran Gosavi’s selfie with Aryan Khan had been widely shared on social media.

Sources in the agency has called the claims “baseless”, questioning if money had changed hands, “why would someone be in jail?”.

Alleging that the claims were made “just to malign the (agency’s) image”, a source said, “There are CCTV cameras in the office and nothing of this sort happened”.

Off the record, officials also claimed that they never met Prabhakar Sail before October 2 and have “no idea about who he is”.

“This affidavit can be taken to NDPS court and we will give our response there,” a source said.

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