‘Threat to Sameer Wankhede’s Life, Won’t Tolerate’: Wife Kranti Redkar Lashes Out at Nawab Malik


Kranti Redkar, Marathi actress and wife of Sameer Wankhede, on Tuesday said that the NCB’s Mumbai zone director is an honest officer and that is why he has enemies. Reiterating that there is no evidence of extortion against her husband, Redkar claimed that Wankhede’s life is under threat.

Reacting to Nawab Malik’s allegations of extortion and illegal phone tapping against the NCB official, Redkar said, “My husband is not wrong. We will not tolerate this.”

Earlier in the day, the Maharashtra minister announced that he will hand over a letter on the official’s misdeeds’ to the agency head. Sameer Wankhede through two persons in Mumbai and Thane is illegally intercepting the mobile phones of some people, said Malik, who has been targeting Wankhede after his son-in-law’s arrest.

Malik on Monday claimed that Sameer Wankhede is a Muslim by birth and his real name is ‘Sameer Dawood Wankhede’. The minister had released what he claimed the birth certificate of the NCB official and alleged that the latter had forged documents. Redkar said that such letters have no merit. NCB official’s father had also clarified that his name is Dnyandev and not Dawood, as claimed by Malik.

The NCP leader also said that Wankhede had sought the call detail record (CDR) of his family member from the police. Wankhede in his affidavit submitted to a Mumbai court on Monday claimed he was under a “lurking threat of arrest as it does not suit some vested interests for conducting an honest and impartial investigation”.

The official had also claimed that he was being personally targeted by a well-known political figure (Malik), and the only reason he can fathom is that the NCB had arrested “this person’s son-in-law Sameer Khan”. Malik said he is forwarding a letter written by someone in NCB about the various illegal activities of Wankhede’ to the agency’s DG S N Pradhan.

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