Telangana E-Voting Experiment Gets Loud Cheer from People


The e-voting experiment is getting a good response from all walks of life as the plan and experiment are getting much applause as it helps people to avoid time, inconvenience and money as well.

The e-voting experiment was aimed to check irregularities, lapses and increase in voting percentage and protect democratic rights to cast votes. The officials conducted a mock e-voting experiment at Khammam Municipality yesterday.

The experiment of e-voting was proved handy as 2,128 persons joined the process from 7 am to 5 pm. The officials informed that 58.6 per cent of votes were polled without any interruption.

There were no problems, delays and disruption of any sort as the voting was done in just two minutes in a hassle-free and perfect manner, the officials claimed.

With this, the e-voting facility proves a major reprieve for the voters in future to cast votes from their homes or workplaces.

It helps avoid the expenditure and time for people and officials to go to polling stations to participate in the election process.

The State Election Commission and IT wing of emerging technologies officials of the State government have conducted the e-voting programme which gave positive results.

Through downloading and e-voting applications on their smartphones with the android feature, voting can be done in a hassle-free manner.

It involves using voter name, Adhar, live location, and photo. The entire process can tally 15-20 years-old photos of the voters as it uses artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

News 18 has interacted with the official on the experiment, usage of technology for e-voting and its results.

[hq]What is this app?[/hq]

[hans]This is an application to cast voting without a physical presence from anywhere. The application was used on smartphones to cast votes without any problem. Any voter of a particular segment can cast a vote by using it.[/hans]

[hq]Who will maintain this app, what is its credibility?[/hq]

[hans]The Election Commission developed the app in coordination with the IT wing of CDOT which has a good name for its perfect programs.[/hans]

[hq]Where was this e-voting conducted experimentally?[/hq]

[hans]It was conducted experimentally at Khammam Municipal Corporation.

With Municipal Corporation Commissioner Adarsh Surabhi initiative, this ee-voting experiment was conducted successfully. It was planned with publicity to install this app from October 8 to October 18 in the State. A related debate was on in the society.[/hans]

[hq]What is the aim of e-voting, explain the result?[/hq]

[hans]It was planned to register online for 10,000 voters and only 38.3 per cent registered. There were only 3,830 voters registered for the purpose.[/hans]

[hq]How are the experiment and experience involved?[/hq]

[hans]Out of registered voters, 55.56 per cent of people participated in the e-voting. It saw 2,128 voters participate in the e-voting process.[/hans]

[hq]How did you conduct the mock voting?[/hq]

[hans]Through the mobile app, the officials arranged the e-voting ballot by symbols like alpha, beta, gamma, and nota. E-voting was done on Wednesday and counting was conducted on Thursday. [/hans]

[hq]There are some doubts about the use of EVMs, will this e-voting app give expected results?[/hq]

[hans]As the times are changing and most of the people depend on the latest technologies we need this type of application. The e-voting application will help enable the people to cast a vote from their workplaces Voters cast votes from anywhere without any problem and youth will make use of this application efficiently. It will help and prove handy in the process.

Municipal Commissioner Adarsh Surabhi claimed that against their target of 10,000 persons, 14,804 persons enrolled for the e-voting experiment. As the Adhar link problems arose in the process only 3,830 persons were able to register in the app. We got a good response and feedback from the voters and it was a good effort, the official claimed.[/hans]

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