Tara Sutaria And Twin Pia In A Precious Throwback


Pia with Tara Sutaria. (courtesy piasutaria)


  • Pia posted a throwback on Instagram
  • “Missing my other half more than I can bear,” wrote Pia Sutaria
  • Pia added a heart emoji along with her post

New Delhi:

People say that distancing from loved ones helps to nurture more love for them within our hearts. Whether you agree with it or not, our work schedules often make us stay away from families and siblings. It can hit us in some moments when we crave good company and celebrities are not immune to this. Here, actress Tara Sutaria is being missed a lot by someone these days. Any guesses who this person is? It’s not a secret lover or a die-hard fan, but her twin sister Pia Sutaria. Pia has shared an old photo with Tara Sutaria on her Instagram account and the sisters can’t help relishing a memory they shared together.

In the photo, the young Sutaria sisters are seen standing together at a function. They are dressed in beautiful lehengas and are singing together into microphones. Even in the grainy photo, you can’t miss the glee that they share for performing together.

Pia, who is a professional ballet dancer and performer, captioned the photo saying, “Missing my other half more than I can bear.” A white heart emoji completes her message to her sister Tara Sutaria. No one could stand such a shower of love and the actress was surely touched as she commented “Awww ” with puppy-eyes emoji on this post.

Earlier this year, Pia met the Student of The Year 2 actress and the two spent some time together. We would have liked a good snapshot from their meeting but we love this video more where they can’t help giggling when posing for a photo.

Here is another photo of the sisters that Pia had shared last year. 

Here’s a childhood picture of the twins having a fun time together.

We wish these sisters to meet soon and share moments together. We will wait for more photos till then.

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