Shillong Teer Results Released at, Know How to Check


Ticket holders of the Shillong Teer Lottery can visit the official website of the state lottery department at to check the results. The results for March 18 were released in two parts by the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association which also organises the lottery game at Polo Ground in Shillong. The outcome of Meghalaya’s betting lottery game was announced for Round 1 and Round 2 at 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm, respectively.

Archery is one of the most prominent games among the Khasi tribe of Meghalaya and hence the Shillong Teer lottery game has been inspired by the same. Participants of the lottery game have to guess the last two digits of the total number of arrows that will hit the target. Winners of the game are those who can make the right guess. Guessing and winning also makes Shillong Teer different from other lottery games played in the country as there the winners are decided by conducting draws.

The Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association organises Shillong Teer daily and around twelve archery clubs participate in it. For both rounds, a group of 50 archers are there and they shoot 30 arrows each in Round 1 while 20 arrows each in Round 2. Based on the number of arrows that hit the targets the result of the lottery is decided.

The distance of the target from the shooters has been fixed by the lottery department and it should not be less than 15.21 meters and more than 30.48 meters. For every correct Re 1 bet a participant is awarded Rs 80 in the first round while in Round 2, Rs 60 is given for every Re 1 right guess.

For checking the results the ticket holders will have to go to the official websiteafter the announcement of the result and then will have to click on the hyperlink with the date March 18 available on the homepage.

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