RPF Officer’s Timely Act Saves Passenger Dragged By A Moving Train In Bihar


An alert Railway Protection Force (RPF) officer in Bihar saved the life of a young man at Gaya Junction. The incident took place on Tuesday, June 8, at platform-3 of Gaya Junction where a young man lost his balance while trying to catch the train.

An assistant sub-inspector (ASI) of RPF, who was present at the platform, saw this and ran towards him. The man was dragged for a few meters before the RPF officer pulled him towards the platform.

The entire incident was recorded on the CCTV camera and is also circulating on social media. In the footage, the youth is seen trying to catch the Delhi-Howrah Poorva Express Special train from platform-3. The man had almost boarded the moving train, but his leg slipped. He was dragged for a few meters even though he continued holding the handle with his hands. The RPF officer used his presence of mind and pulled the man just in time.

RPF inspector R Siddique informed that the ASI also cheered the man who was visibly shaken from the incident, and even advised him to not board a moving train again.

The administration also rewarded the officer for being alert on his duty, and saving the life of the young man. He received Rs 2,500 from the Deen Dayal Upadhyay (DDU) Railway division.

People on the internet also lauded the RPF officer’s efforts. A user said, “A salute to brave people like him.” Another said people were just busy looking at the young man who was only saved by the officer. Several users also pointed out the inaction by the onlookers during the incident.

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