Report: Ambush-style attacks on police up 91 percent this year


Protesters clash with police during a rally against the death of George Floyd at the hands of police on May 28, 2020 in Union Square in New York City. (Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

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UPDATED 7:52 AM PT – Saturday, July 3, 2021

A top law enforcement advocacy group has claimed attacks on police officers are skyrocketing, citing a recent wave of anti-police rhetoric. On Thursday, the National Fraternal Order of Police claimed these attacks have surged 91 percent in the past year.

The organization pointed out 150 officers have been shot, 28 have been killed by gunfire and 51 officers have been shot in 40 ambush-style attacks so far this year. The order attributes the “defund the police” movement and rise in hateful rhetoric targeting law enforcement as reasons for the wave of violence.

Several pro-police organizations have pointed to Democrat leadership as bearing some responsibility, arguing they aren’t using their positions of power to quell the hateful rhetoric. Joe Biden has gone so far as to criticize the so-called militarization of police departments and has claimed officers end up becoming the enemy of the communities they serve.

Supporters of law enforcement warn anti-police sentiment not only puts officers’ lives at risk, but also the lives of law abiding citizens. They point out the increasing violence in Democrat run cities, where police officers are resigning in droves due to extreme danger on their lives and lack of respect from residents.

In the meantime, several Democrat officials across the country are making moves to refund police departments to combat the rise in crime in their cities. However, Republicans believe respect in law enforcement needs to be replenished before departments see officers return to fighting crime.

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