President Trump speaks at TPUSA event in Phoenix, Ariz.


President Donald Trump makes an entrance at the Rally To Protect Our Elections conference on July 24, 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

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UPDATED 6:45 AM PT – Sunday, July 25, 2021

President Trump delivered remarks during Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in Phoenix, Arizona. The 45th president discussed a variety of topics, which ranged from the economy to the 2020 presidential election.

“As everyone here fully understands, the 2020 election was a total disgrace,” he stated. “It was the most corrupt.”

Trump said our nation was being destroyed and Republicans needed to find out how Democrats cheated “hundreds of thousands and even millions of votes” or the party wouldn’t have a future. He went on to say the facts were coming out, the truth was being uncovered and the “crime of the century” fully exposed.

“The survival of our nation depends on holding these responsible and we have to hold these responsible elections, we have to hold those that are responsible for the 2020 presidential election scam,” he expressed. “It was a scam, greatest crime in history.”

In addition, Trump touched on the problems at the border, the economy and inflation.

Trump added Republicans have been working to break up Big Tech monopolies, shut down Joe Biden’s “border disaster” and end Biden’s war on American energy by ensuring the U.S. remained the dominate energy “superpower” on earth.

The 45th president highlighted the consequences of Democrat polices by claiming illegal aliens were pouring in record numbers, critical race theory was being forced in schools and free speech was becoming crushed. He warned the U.S. was “becoming a communist country,” was beyond socialism and the survival of our nation depended on responsible elections.

“With your help we will stand up for democracy and for justice. We will fight for truth, transparency, and accountability,” he announced. “We will not stop until we have restored our American birthright of honest, free and fair elections.”

Regardless, Trump vowed not to give up fighting for the American people.

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