Oxygen Express Train with Record 224 Tons of Liquid Medical Oxygen Leaves for Delhi


An ‘Oxygen Express’ train with 11 tankers carrying 224.67 tons of liquid medical oxygen, the highest volume carried on a single trip so far on the Indian Railway network, left from Hapa near Jamnagar in Gujarat on Sunday, Western Railway officials said. This is WR’s 13th Oxygen Express from Hapa, they said, adding the train would cover a distance of 1,105 kilometres to reach Delhi Cantonment with LMO meant for hospitals in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

“The oxygen tankers have been supplied by Reliance Industries Jamnagar. The is highest volume of LMO carried by any Oxygen Express train on Indian Railways so far,” a release said. The 13 Oxygen Express services of WR have so far transported 1253.25 ton of LMO, and these are being run at average speeds exceeding 50 kmph so that they reach their destination quickly, the WR release added.

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