On CCTV, Cop’s Swift Action Saves Pregnant Woman Who Fell From Train Near Mumbai


Railway Protection Force Constable SR Khandekar jumped in to save the woman from falling

New Delhi:

A constable at the Kalyan Railway Station near Mumbai saved a pregnant woman from falling into the gap between the train and the platform on Monday, CCTV footage of the platform showed. The incident took place on Platform Number 4 when the woman, in an attempt to deboard a moving train almost slipped in the gap.

21-year-old Vandana, travelling with her husband Chandresh and her child, were supposed to board a Train Number 02103 to Gorakhpur from Kalyan. Instead, they boarded a different train. But by the time they realised it, the train had already begun moving. As Vandana, who is eight months pregnant, she stumbles, not able to balance herself. Right then, Railway Protection Force Constable SR Khandekar jumps in to save her.

The woman, unhurt, later boarded the train to Gorakhpur with her family.

Shivaji Sutar, Chief Public Relations Officer of Central Railway in Mumbai, tweeted the CCTV footage and appealed to passengers to not board or deboard a running train.

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