On Camera, Man Slips Trying To Board Moving Train At Delhi Station, Cop To The Rescue


The man was dragged away a few metres by the moving train

New Delhi:

As the train pulls out of the Delhi cantonment area, a man, with luggage in both hands, shimmies down the platform, tries to board it, slips and falls into the gap, but is saved by an alert railway constable.

The unidentified man places his first bag onto the moving train, grabs the door handle and tries to climb onto the train, loses his footing and slips down. A fellow passenger, standing right behind him, drops his handbags and scrambles to save the man. Railway Protection Force constable Rajvir Singh, who is a short distance away, sprints on to the scene to rescue the man.

Mr Singh tries to pull the man away, trips and takes a tumble. The man, holding on to the door handle, is dragged away by the moving train. Back on his feet in no time, the constable again makes a dash for the man, and manages to pull him away to safety.

The RPF tweeted a video of the rescue act lauding the constable with #HeroesInUniform.

At this point a few other passengers are also seen running towards them even as the train continues to be on the move.

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