Navratri 2021: PM Modi Seeks Blessings from Goddess Skandamata, Goddess Kushmanda


Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered prayer to Goddess Skandamata and Goddess Kushmanda of the occasion of Navratri. Sharing a stuti video of Goddess Kushmanda, PM Modi tweeted: “We pray to Maa Kushmanda and seek her blessings for our various endeavours. Here is a Stuti dedicated to her.”

Offering his prayer to Goddess Skandmata in another tweet, the prime minister wrote: “Goddess Skandmata is worshiped during Navratri. I pray that Maa Skandmata gives strength to her devotees to overcome all difficulties.”

Earlier, on the day 1 of Navratri, Modi wished people hoping the festival brings strength, good health and prosperity in everyone’s lives. He had also invoked Goddess Shailaputri, meaning the daughter of the mountains and one of the nine manifestations of Durga, and shared a a sacred song (stuti) of the Goddess.

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On Day 2, Modi shared stuti of Goddess Brahmacharini, believed to be the unmarried form of Mata Parvati when she did severe ‘tapa’ or penance for thousands of years to get Lord Shiva as her husband.

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On Day 3, sharing a shuti of Goddess Chandraghanta he tweeted: “Bowing down at the feet of Maa Chandraghanta. May Goddess Chandraghanta bless all her devotees with victory over negative forces. On this occasion the praise attached to him…” PM Modi also shared a stuti of the Goddess.

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This year, the tritya thithi and the Chaturthi fell on the same day on Saturday. The fourth day of Navratri i.e. Chaturthi Tithi is dedicated to Goddess Kushmanda, the fourth form of Navdurga. According to Panchang, the Chaturthi Tithi and Tritiya Tithi fell on the same date that is October 9 as it will conclude before the sunrise on October 10.

Goddess Kushmanda is believed to be the creator of this universe. This form of Goddess Durga is believed to reside in the centre of the Sun to balance the amount of energy and light liberated to the universe.

Maa Kushmanda symbolises light and energy. She is represented with eight hands, holding Kamandal, Dhanush, Bada and Kamal in the right and Amrit Kalash, Jap Mala, Gada and Chakra in the left. She is also known as Ashtabhuja Devi because of this.

The fifth day of Navratri i.e. Panchami Tithi will fall on October 10. On this day, the fifth form of Goddess Durga- Maa Skandamata is worshipped. This name was given to Mata Parvati after she gave birth to Lord Skanda also known as Kartikeya. Maa Skandamata carries baby Murugan or Skanda in her lap. She has four hands. She can be seen holding Lotus flowers in her upper two hands, baby Murugan in one of her right hands and keeps the other right hand in Abhaya Mudra.

Skandamata is also known as Goddess Padmasana as she sits on a lotus flower. It is believed that the Goddess Skandamata governs the planet Buddha (Mercury). Read about the date, colour, Maa Skandamata Puja Vidhi, Mantra, Shubh muhurat and significance

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