“Mr 56″ Hasn’t Said ‘China’ In Months”: Rahul Gandhi’s Swipe At PM


Offering a solution to the “China problem”, Rahul Gandhi shared a clip of his address in Tamil Nadu.


  • Rahul Gandhi accused centre of adopting policies that weaken the nation
  • “China is expanding its occupation into Indian territory,” he said
  • His remarks come as he campaigns in Tamil Nadu for April-May election

New Delhi:

In a sharp attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi amid ongoing tension with China, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accused the centre of adopting policies that weaken the nation, thereby giving China the opportunity to push into its territory.

“China is expanding its occupation into Indian territory. Mr 56″ hasn’t said the word ‘China’ for months. Maybe he can start by saying the word ‘China’,” Rahul Gandhi tweeted questioning PM Modi’s silence on the issue.

Offering a solution to the “China problem”, Mr Gandhi also shared a clip of his address in poll-bound Tamil Nadu, where he addressed a gathering of small and medium businessmen.

“India’s strength is a strong economy, employed youth and social harmony. Had Mr Modi protected our farmers, labourers, workers instead of hollowing out India by helping his crony capitalist friends, China wouldn’t have had the guts to take our land,” he tweeted.

The jibe came amid reports of a small clash between Indian and Chinese troops in Sikkim, which the army said happened “last week”. This was within hours of the latest and ninth round of border talks that lasted almost 15 hours but ended with no solution in sight to the ongoing border standoff.

On Monday, campaigning in strongholds of Tamil Nadu’s ruling AIADMK – an ally of the BJP – Mr Gandhi had highlighted the economic impact of demonetisation, GST and fuel price hike on people of the state, where Congress has joined hands with key opposition party the DMK.

He had said that if India strengthened itself internally it would have to worry less about external threats.

Taking a dig at PM Modi’s Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign, Mr Gandhi said, “If India’s small and medium businesses were strong, Chinese would be driving Indian cars, flying in Indian planes. Why is this not happening?… because of crony capitalism. You (government) are using Indian army, navy and air force to protect our borders. But, if we use labourers, farmers, workers to strengthen ourselves, we won’t need the army. China would not dare enter.”

The swipe also came as non-profit group Oxfam’s report — to be tabled at the World Economic Forum at Switzerland’s Davos — stated that the coronavirus pandemic has worsened existing income inequalities between India’s super-rich and its crores of unskilled workers.


“It would take an unskilled worker 10,000 years to make what (Reliance Industries’ Chairman Mukesh) Ambani made in an hour during the pandemic… and three years to make what Ambani made in a second“, the report read.

The Wayanad MP has been vocal in his criticism of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government’s handling of the economy, the coronavirus crisis and India’s border security.

He has repeatedly accused the Prime Minster of being “obsessed” with his image, and “allowing” China to take land by pushing policies that allegedly create internal strife.

China is watching all this, he has said at many rallies and addresses.

The BJP had hit back at Mr Gandhi saying it was the Congress government that allowed China to take India’s land. 

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