Man Gets First Dose Of Covid-19 Vaccine Twice In Delhi


There have been quite a few strange stories regarding Covid-19 vaccine doses. The latest one is from Delhi where a man has been allegedly given two jabs of the first dose, that too of two different vaccines. Laxman Pandit got his first dose of Covaxin in April. He went to get his second dose this week at a vaccination centre in the national capital. When the vaccination was done, he received a message which left him in a state of shock.

Laxman couldn’t believe what he had read. He asked his family members and neighbours to read the message. They confirmed that Laxman had indeed been given the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine again.

Laxman said that he took his first dose and went to Bihar. He claimed that the certificate of his first dose was missing after the floods in Bihar when he was displaced from his home.

He alleged that the certificate was torn and was told by the medical personnel, who were on duty, to come after 84 days for the next dose.

Laxman had his struggles after receiving the first jab. He complained of headache, fever and nausea. Laxman told reporters that he was not treated properly at the vaccination center and pledged to never again visit a vaccination center.

India has been one of the worst-hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. The country has recorded 3.08 crore cases, out of which 4.07 lakh have died. The Covid-19 cases have seen a dip in the last few weeks.

The country reported just over 42,000 cases on Friday, with 911 deaths. The positivity rate has also come down closer to 2% now. The national capital Delhi saw just 81 cases on Friday, a considerable drop off from what the city was recording during the second wave in April and May.

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